Walk A Mile In My Shoes: Jordan Jensen-Whyte - "The Set-Back"

When we last talked to Jordan Jensen-Whyte, he was seven games into his first year playing professional basketball with the St. John’s Edge in Newfoundland in the National Basketball League of Canada (NBL). Unfortunately, Jordan suffered an injury shortly after his first diary with Vancouver Basketball. Jordan has courageously opened up and shared the details of his injury, as well as the beginning of his recovery with us today.

-Vancouver Basketball


Hi everybody,

Jordan Jensen-Whyte here, checking back in. So, since I last updated you all on my life, it’s taken a roller coaster ride and in short, has been a crazy couple of months. So, here goes nothing. This blog has really turned into something special for me, and I will tell you just why that is…

On December 6th, 2017 while playing in my 9th professional game in the NBL against the London Lightning, my career hit a pretty solid speed bump. As I was going for a routine power lay-up, my knee decided to give out. It was one of the most acute pains I’ve ever felt and as I lay there on the ground with the medical staff around me, my only thought  was “don't be my ACL, don't be my ACL”.  Well, guess what guys...it was my ACL. Yup, completely torn (as I would learn the next day after my MRI results came back), and, as am I sure you can all imagine, I was crushed.

Photo: Jeff Parsons

Everything I had worked so hard for in my basketball career felt like it was taken from me in the blink of an eye. Luckily, the organization I was playing for is full of amazing people, from the coaching staff and players, to the medical staff and trainers. I was given a couple of options regarding surgery and ultimately decided that I wanted to get the operation in Vancouver, as I had just spent 5 years there at university and knew I would be in great hands. After the surgery was done, I then opted to begin rehabilitation in Calgary, which leads me to where I am now: 2 weeks post-operation and grinding to get the range of motion back in this knee.

But that’s not even the full story! To back-track for a moment, my surgery date was set for January 23rd. Well, guess what decides to go wrong on January 12th? My appendix, that’s what. It suddenly decides to act up and long story short, I ended up getting an emergency appendectomy at 5am on January 13th, just ten days before my ACL surgery.

So to say my 2018 started off rough would be an understatement.

That said, what I have taken so far from this experience and the reason this blog has become so special to me, is that it has become an outlet for me to share my story and progress. Hopefully, it will also offer some inspiration to anybody who reads it and needs it along the way. It’s a place I can go to clear my head, because I'm telling you guys…this is no joke. It has made me slow down and appreciate everything that has come my way so far on my basketball journey, and has really allowed me to see things from a different perspective. I’ve never had this long of a break from basketball in my life, but maybe it was something that I needed. Who knows, right? Only time will tell.  As Isaiah Thomas of the Cleveland Cavaliers (who by the way are playing some of the most uninspired basketball I have EVER seen) says, I’ve started that “SLOW grind”. In all honesty, I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of man I’ll come out at the end.

‍Photo: Jeff Parsons

I have a few special shoutouts to mention, particularly for my family, who has been nothing short of amazing thus far. As well, I want to say thank you to the Saint John’s Edge organization for the opportunity they afforded me, as well as the entire province of Newfoundland (who I will chat some more about in my next post, stay tuned!). Finally, a shoutout to Doug Plumb, Mark Starkey, John Leong, and the entire Vancouver Basketball team for giving me the idea to do this blog.

As I mentioned, I’m currently on day 15 post-operation and so far the hardest parts so far have been (a) sleeping and (b) straightening my leg. I need to get that leg straight to move forward in recovery, so wish me luck! I’ll be back with an update and to share some other things I have to say soon enough! I hope you enjoyed today’s post, thanks for taking the time to read another ballers journey.

Adios amigos and chat soon.



Jordan wrote this piece before the NBA Trade deadline, so that Cavs team looks totally different, and IT is continuing his slow grind with the Lakers. That being said, please join Vancouver Basketball in sending our best wishes to Jordan as he recovers from his injuries. We know that this set-back is setting you up for a major comeback. The Vancouver Basketball Community looks forward to seeing you back on the court.