Victory Creative Group works with NBA to deliver 30 Draft Boxes to 2020 Draft Class

The local Vancouver agency and team make landmark moves with first of it's kind 'Digital Draft' focused on Draftee Experience.
November 18, 2020

Vancouver, British Columbia - For the 2020 NBA Draft, the NBA strived to create the 'Draft Experience' memorable for this unique Draft Class who would not be crossing the stage as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Local Vancouver creative agency, Victory Creative Group, worked with the NBA and it's partners to craft a night to remember from these draftees and turned to A/R to do so.

For starters, Draftees were sent an NBA Draft Kit that contained each of the 30 NBA Team Hats, a custom Spalding Basketball, Oculus Headset, and Beats Powerbeats in a custom cabinet. To top it off, each kit contained a custom Snapcode Filter that unlocked their own personalized A/R Draft Day experience. Each A/R filter was updated in real-time by the Vancouver led team, so players would see their name on the Draft Board as their name was announced by Commissioner Adam Silver.

The local agency powered by local talent and creatives continues to pump out world-class work across North America (and globally), to learn more about Victory you can check out their Instagram @Victory.