VBN 2015-16 NBA Team Preview: Orlando Magic

VBN 30 NBA Team Previews in 30 Days


2014-15 Record: 25-57 (5th Southeast Division)

What’s New? Mario Hezonja (Draft Pick 1st/5th overall), Shabazz Napier (Trade with Heat)

Analysis: The Magic have one of the best young nucleus of players in the entire league and look to be ready to make a run at a playoff spot in the top heavy East this year. Orlando boasts a starting lineup that is composed of four budding stars in Victor Oladipo, Nikola Vucevic, Tobias Harris and Elfrid Peyton we’re all under the age of 25 and a sharp-shooting stretch four in Channing Frye who loves the uptempo game. If this team is anything, its fun to watch. But the Magic brass wants to be more than just fun, they want to win and they’ve built the type of roster to do just that. The addition of another under 25 talent in Shabazz Napier gives the team depth at the point guard position, plus it’s a safety for future contract issues while trying to keep these young talents all together. Fifth overall draft pick Mario Hezonja from Croatia via the FC Barcelona program has a tremendous upside and just another young piece (Hezonja is just 20-years old) added to the Orlando stockpile. Don’t expect the Magic to be anywhere near the top of the Eastern Conference, but hoovering around a playoff spot is the expectation for this soon to be beast in the East.

VBN Prediction: 5th Southeast Division