Vancouver Metro League basketball dominates the Draft Card Selection!

With the Summer heading into the “4th quarter”, Nike’s Summer is Serious campaign has sparked a grass roots “Open Run” theme that as captured the imagination of hoopers across North America…and beyond!  The nationwide open draft has been a huge attention grabber, with select ballers from exclusively picked cities had their chance to be drafted!!!  The drafting of these standout players will be selected by none other than NBAers Kevin Durant and James Harden!  This concept has been around for decades.  Picking your teammates on the sideline in an effort to pick the very best, so you can win and run the court from sun up to sun down.

With dozens of potential draftees on the board, names like: Jump For It, Back to the Basics, The Foodie, and Mr. GPS standout from the pack.  What these names all have in common, is that they all hail from the Vancouver BC basketball arena!  One other thing they have in common is they all are alumni of the Vancouver Metro basketball league!  Hard-nosed and always improving, these for players were selected from the Summer is Serious Open Run from July 20th at the world famous Kits Beach location in Vancouver BC!  It was initially thought that only one would be chosen, everyone who stepped on the court played with a competitive hunger that can only be described as a fight for “King of the Hill” status!

The video that spurred the draft card of not one but four:

Spoil Alert!!!!!

Rumor has it, before the August 13th draft, one of the players has already been selected!  Through twitter reporting, it has been leaked that Joey “Misterr GPS” Haywood has been selected as the lone Vancouver BC draftee!  Fitting that he was the first Vancouver BC player to receive a draft card.  It is a testament to the depth of “hidden” basketball talent in the Lower Mainland that its talent led to the disruption of a well-planned marketing campaign!

Ball on Vancouver BC!!!  Stand up for your city!!!