The NBA dives into custom A/R experiences for the 2020 NBA Draft Class

Each draftee received a custom, live updating A/R Experience as part of their NBA Draft Box
November 25, 2020

Vancouver, British Columbia - For the 2020 NBA Draft, the NBA strived to create the 'Draft Experience' memorable for this unique Draft Class who would not be crossing the stage as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Local Vancouver creative agency, Victory Creative Group, worked with the NBA and it's partners to craft a night to remember from these draftees and turned to A/R to do so.

For starters, Draftees were sent an NBA Draft Kit that contained each of the 30 NBA Team Hats, a custom Spalding Basketball, Oculus Headset, and Beats Powerbeats in a custom cabinet. To top it off, each kit contained a custom Snapcode Filter that unlocked their own personalized A/R Draft Day experience. Each A/R filter was updated in real-time by the Vancouver led team, so players would see their name on the Draft Board as their name was announced by Commissioner Adam Silver.