The Legacy… Continues! 2013 Dolphin Park Tournament Upon Us!

Coordinates:  49°8’58″N 123°7’18″W.  A park with a basketball court and a playground, also home to the Dolphin Park Classic Basketball Tournament.  These are a few description you would see if you were looking for the upcoming outdoor basketball tournament.  Not only are these descriptions inaccurate or at best incomplete, but it nowhere near explains The Dolphin Park Classic.

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For one, the tournament is no long at Dolphin Park and there is not one but two full length basketball courts.  I think this was an excellent move to accommodate the Women’s division.  Brought over with the event is the legendary “Beer Garden” where all fun is had off the basketball court.  A wide open park where just about everywhere you sit has an excellent view of the action.

I’m excited to see the new talent and some of the old guard convene on Thompson Park to battle for the Dolphin Park “Who’s the Best Team” crown!  Watch for Vancouver Metro roaming the sidelines!  Random interviews are in the works for this legendary event!