A Vancouver Basketball Diary: Tara Wallack The Next Chapter

Looking into the future, I’ll be going to Washington State University in three months and I couldn’t be more excited!
March 23, 2021

Hello and Welcome Back!

Around this time would be when my school basketball team would compete in the Provincial Championship at Langley Events Centre where we would try and venge for our third provincial title win. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to Covid-19. At the beginning of this unusual season I had hoped as a senior at Semiahmoo that there would be provincials so I could play one last time with my teammates/friends. However, things happen for a reason and this has only made my team stronger! Although, even though provincials was cancelled, my team hasn’t stopped training because we love being in the gym together and getting better at each and every practice. It has been so nice to be in the gym together and just having some fun!

Looking into the future, I’ll be going to Washington State University in three months and I couldn’t be more excited! The team finished the season extremely well by going to the NCAA tournament in Texas for the first time in 30 years! This team is such an inspiring team and I’m so honoured I will be a part of it in a few months. Not to mention but I’ll be playing alongside another Canadian and former teammate of mine Jessica Clarke! The competition level is fierce in the Pac-12 and I’m looking forward to being pushed outside of my comfort zone and becoming the best player I can be at WSU. It’s amazing to watch these games and imagine that I get to be a part of such a dominant conference, it’s crazy to think about!

As well, I have the opportunity to train and prepare for a potential tryout for theCanadian National Junior team where the team will compete in Hungary during the summer. I’m super excited for the opportunity to tryout for this team and play amongst some of the best players in Canada. So, with my training at school right now I’ve been focusing on my conditioning, footwork and most especially my shooting since the pace of the game I’ll be playing soon will be a lot quicker and I want to make sure I’ll be ready!

Furthermore,I’m looking forward to completing my senior year of high school and excited for what the future has in store for me!

Thanks so much for letting me share once again!! As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

~Tara Wallack