Summer Is Serious Hits the Courts of Kits Beach

Launched during the basketball draft on June 28, Nike Basketball’s “Summer is Serious” campaign features Oklahoma City superstar Kevin Durant and showcases the fierce competition of summer basketball.

Summer is Serious will be in our very own Neighbourhood, stopping at Kit’s Beach, 12Noon. Check below for more info about #SUMMERISSERIOUS.

In the initial spot, filmed in his childhood rec center – the Seat Pleasant Activity Center – Durant is chosen over local rival Anton Barrels for the “Shirts” team.

Below @IamTreGood, gives a great explaination about #summerisserious

Each day starting the week of July 9th, Nike Basketball will roll out a series of “Summer is Serious” videos showcasing the many personalities that make up summer basketball; asking players to tweet @nikebasketball with #SUMMERISSERIOUS to win a chance to be drafted by Durant or James Harden.

The two teams, selected by Durant and Harden, will square off in the ultimate pick-up game of the summer at the Tournament of Champions in New York City on August 16.

Check more of the spots here: Nike Basketball YouTube.