Sports Barbershop Edition: Nelly said it…I didn’t!


I’ve been getting big time “guff” from the Laker Nation and Kobe Fanatics are calling me a hater.  I will say this for the cheap seats for the thousandth time… I DO NOT HATE KOBE BRYANT!  I was a part of Laker Nation from 1982-2007.  I know more about the 80s to the present Lakers than most of Laker Nation fanatics do (be happy to debate it anytime).  The question is does Kobe want to win a championship or break scoring records?  This is the debate that First Take had with Nelly.

(Courtesy of ESPN/First Take)

The highlights are these questions:– Who wants to play with Kobe?– Who has Kobe made better?– Besides Shaq, how much blame has Kobe received when things sour in Laker Nation (Spoiled Factor)?– Could Kobe have convinced Phil Jackson to come back?– Do most marquee players want to play with Kobe?– With five championship rings, should Kobe be a coach on the floor?– Did Kobe quit on the Lakers in the 2006 NBA Playoffs?– Should Kobe have taken a pay cut or at least restructured his contract to get more marquee players?– Will Kobe get his 6th ring?– What is your reaction to Kobe unfollowing Dwight (this is a good one because there is a huge intangible to this question)?– Are the Lakers going to make the playoffs, and if so will they make it past the 1st round (which means beating either the Spurs, Thunder, Grizzlies, and possibly the Clippers)?– Do free agents that sign with The Lakers get more blame for losses than Kobe does?– Dwight Howard was blamed for the Lakers underachieving for a Super Team, can he take the Rockets to the finals like he did with the Orlando Magic?– Was the media pressure too much for Dwight Howard or did he not just want to play with Kobe and for Mike D’Antoni?– Is Kobe a good leader on and off the court?

These questions are going to spawn a series of comments, and more articles by yours truly!  Doesn’t matter that football season is around the corner.  I’ll be here to keep the “Heat” up on all things basketball!

If you want a less “fiery” explanation of the Dwight Howard/Lakers saga, I have a video for you.  Star of the hit sitcom Community, and co-star of the Legendary trilogy “The Hangover”, Ken “Doctor” Jeong stopped by First Take to give his TWO CENTS. (Courtesy of ESPN/First Take)

It’s your turn ya’ll!  Sound off!  I’m listening!