Soooo what is NBA Top Shot?

For physical collectors, NBA Top Shot might seem odd. I tried it, so you don't have too (or do because it's really cool) and this digital experience was awesome.
February 18, 2021

Vancouver, B.C. - You might have heard about NBA Top Shot making waves in the media over the past few weeks - in particular, one digital collector selling a moment for $100,000. I've been curious about the platform for weeks and finally decided to check it-out with their latest 'Cool Cats' Release.

For starters - what in the world is NBA Top Shot? NBA Top Shot a platform where NBA Fans can buy, sell, and trade their favourite highlights. Started in 2019 and worked on by the Dapper Labs Team in Vancouver in partnership with the NBA and NBPA, think Pokemon cards, but digital and even cooler. Based on the blockchain, the officially licensed highlights (or moments) are sold in packs or can be earned in platform specific challenges. Early collectors have been on-board with the platform beta for months now and I was keen to just start my collection. Due to demand, the initial launch time of noon was pushed back by five hours, both a good and bad sign for future collectors

When the gates opened, I was 8,964th in line - a daunting number, but luckily there was 50,000 packs available. Within 15 minutes, I was at checkout and secured my pack with five moments inside. And finally, the moment of truth - the virtual unboxing - which was awe-some. On your screen, waiting to be opened were five packs bouncing around the screen with loud, 'pre-gameish' music.

With five new limited edition Cool Cats Moments, these packs figure to be highly coveted for a long time. Fur Real.

I pulled Tyler Herro, OG Anunoby, Spencer Dinwiddie, Dennis Schröder, and Nikola Vučević moments ranging from dunks to jumpers. Each moment, with the click of a button unwrapped and I got to watch my moments that I now own.

I'm going to sit on these for a little bit, but if you're looking to buy...hit me up @johnleongii.