Senior Balloholics next workouts slated for Aug 28/29th

These are the final opportunities to have a chance to play at the next level!

The current schedule has the Senior team traveling to Calgary and Phoenix Arizona for games along with a full slate of local provincial and stateside games.

Balloholics currently scheduled to appear live on ESPN Feb 28 in Phoenix Arizona vs Arizona Scorpions.

This is the only semi pro team in British Columbia. This is also an historic moment for BC sports, as it is in the grassroots stage! Meaning that as with most ABA teams, the stock and status will consistently be on the rise! The benefits far out way the dedication and hard work you will be taking on, as you follow your dreams of playing high level basketball for a living!

Do you still have the fire, desire, and/or motivation to take the first step in making your dream come true?

Contact GM Wayne Best for details. gm@balloholic.com

Source: www.aba.balloholic.com