LeBron James’ Latest Scoring Milestone Puts Him Among NBA Greats

James’ 500-game double-digit scoring streak in two graphics.

LeBron James joined a very exclusive club on Tuesday, becoming one of just five players in NBA history to record a streak of at least 500 games scoring double-digit points. As with most groups LeBron joins, this list is populated entirely by Hall of Famers, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who put together two separate streaks like this:

LeBron’s streak began on January 6, 2007, during the season in which he made his first Finals appearance with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Since the start of the streak, he’s won four MVP awards, two championships, two Finals MVP awards, two Olympic gold medals and vaulted himself into the discussion of the greatest players who have ever played the game.

This is what his scoring has looked like in these 500 games:

Given that LeBron is just 29 and has at least another half-decade of all-time-great caliber basketball left in him, it’s hard to imagine this streak ending anytime soon.