Kevin Durant responds to angry online fan after resigning with Nike

The swoosh was able to top Under Armour’s $265-285 million offer and re-sign their “baddest” client with their biggest offer ever.

According to ESPN, the overall value of Kevin Durant’s new contract with Nike could hit $300 million or more “if his business continues to rise. That number is flexible as he will get a royalty on all shares in his line.”

After playing in a light pick-up game in Austin on Sunday afternoon, KD posted that he was “excited and humbled to sign back wit the swoosh!” and as many of his fans celebrated and congratulated the MVP, many other people just had to tweet their issues and negative comments directly to Durant. One Twitter user in particular seemed to have caught KD’s attention when he ridiculously accused KD of being “a slave” and not having the “balls to leave” like Kanye. Like the old KD Footlocker told us “KD is the nicest guy in the NBA,” so with the exception of hilariously saying he doesn’t know the Twitter user “from a can a shit,” KD listened and politely responded to the vent and even defended the user at the end by saying “He just having a bad day.”

KD could have gone the Lillard and Mayweather route and pointed out how finances, especially considering the source of the rant was about finances, but KD never did and this is why he’s worth $300+ million to Nike.

The Twitter drama about the signing didn’t end there. ESPN writer Bomani Jones and Steph Curry also had a short conversation.