Hallowed Ground™ Collection Launch

Our courts are our home - introducing the 'Hallowed Ground™' Collection
January 6, 2021

Vancouver, British Columbia - Vancouver Basketball launches first series in the limited edition 'Hallowed Ground™' collection featuring premium hoodies with a print of the Nash Family Court.

To us, to the basketball community, the basketball court is truly ‘sacred ground’. It’s where we practice our craft and perfect our game. Players will have memories of wins, losses and everything in between on the court. Blood, sweat, and tears are real on the hardwood/concrete.

The Hallowed Ground™ collection will pay homage to the most iconic courts in Vancouver. The collection releases in January 2021 and will available online only with world shipping options available.

Keep an eye out for more product launches, collaborations, and releases in the coming months. #GrowTheGame