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Film Review: Good Girls Don't (Whistler Film Fest)

Film Review: Good Girls Don’t (short)

Photo Credit: Erik Zennstrom

While this film is short, it packs a punch. The same could be said of the film’s writer and director (Ana de Lara) and the heroine (Marilou played by Evryle Ebora) who challenge the norms with their unlikely passion for basketball.  This is a fun and relatable film with a poignant message; there is even extra entertainment value provided in spotting some of Vancouver Metro Leagues own talents “acting” as NBA players.

‍Photo Credit: Erik Zennstrom

The diverse audience in Whistler received the film with loud laughter and warmed hearts.  Following the premiere, the cast and crew of the film participated in an audience Q&A where the young actress, Evryle, perfectly portrayed her character in a pink dress and fresh Jordan kicks (the character is a young Filipina girl who dreams of playing in the NBA).  The best question of the Q&A asked was to an actor “How did you prepare for playing Jesus?”  You'll have to see the film to understand the reference (the heroine needs a miracle for her parents to let her play basketball with the boys) and you will likely get a chance to catch the film soon in Vancouver.  We will keep you posted on the Vancouver showing so you can see the acting chops of Ron Putzi, Clint Lomax, Wes Steele, Shane Nicely, Joss Biggins, and Balkaran Saran.

Overall, it’s a fantastic film, though honestly we are a bit biased as we were proud to support the filming as sport consultants and provided some wardrobe for the shoot.  A shout out to the Burnaby South Rebels who loaned their team uniforms to film’s rival team!  Stay tuned for more on this film: