Cream Always Rises to the Top! Joey Haywood is on the Draft Board!!!!

By Mjlover23

About three years ago, I wrote an article on a humble and unassuming young baller by the name of Joey Haywood.  I have never heard him boast (seriously at least) or brag about his exploits on the court, which if I was him….I would!  Always seems to be one gear ahead of everyone on the court.  His motor is almost endless, and his drive to bury his opponents is as big as anyone I’ve ever been around.

From the first time I had seen the man they called KING HANDLES , I knew that he had no ceiling to his game!  Every time doubters said he couldn`t get any better, he did!  From the playgrounds, to the hard courts, to touring in the And 1 circuit, to CIS, to the NBA D-League, to the NBL, Joey continues to make his mark.  I am here to announce yet again he has chalked up another mark in the North American basketball world!

I want to be the first to tell you guys that Joey Haywood….HAS BEEN PUT ON THE DRAFT BOARD!!!! Draft board, you ask? Find out here: Nike Basketball Presents: Summer Is Serious

Check out the video he chose to get on the draft board!