Congratulations to Diego Kapelan for signing in Lithuania to continue his professional career

Vancouver, B.C. - Congratulations to Diego Kapelan who has signed a new pro contract to play in Lithuania with BC Šiauliai. Diego, a King George Secondary Graduate, starred at McNeese State prior to his turning pro.

Vancouver Basketball had the opportunity to sit down with Diego and talk about the opportunity and year ahead.

VB: Why did you choose to go to Lithuania?

DK: I chose to go to Lithuania because the overall situation was good for me. It is a tough and respected league, a basketball first country, a club with a successful history and a well known and successful coach.

VB: What are you looking forward to specifically about this situation?

DK: I'm looking forward to playing in a city and country that loves and knows the game of basketball. I'm also looking forward to playing for a successful coach in an offense that will be high paced and suited for me to be used as not only a shooting guard but also to continue to prove myself as a point guard.

VB: What has been the secret to your continued success / what advice would you give to people wanted to pursue the same path you are on?

DK: The secret to my success is there is no secret. Just hard work, confidence in yourself, and not giving up. Live in the gym and learn to love it. If you don’t then it will be tough. 

My advice to people that want to pursue the same path is don’t expect it to be easy. Overseas basketball is a grind - mentally and physically. You will have to sacrifice a lot so be ready. Also, one of the most important things I would recommend is to always choose the best situations for yourself to be able to showcase all your skills and qualities as a player.


Vancouver Basketball wishes the best to Diego as he continues to grow his game and extend his professional career.