Comparing the Career Nights by Lebron James, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant!

So much has been made of high scoring games by Kevin Durant and a few others. The “already anointed” MVP Kevin Durant has had a career year in his 7th season. The MVP is his to lose, but there is 20+ games left in the season. We might as well crown the Indiana Pacers the NBA champions too. They are favored to beat the Miami Heat, this is discounting the Western conference because all things Lebron must fall!

Ok, enough blasting the so called prognosticators, because eventually you will be right (it’s only going on 4 seasons now, and Lebron haters are 1-2 with him in Miami). Lebron James had been on a 30+ points per game scoring streak up until he had his nose broke by Serge Ibaka in the win over OKC. Many felt Lebron’s production would go down because the distraction of the mask, and that he didn’t want to stick his “nose” in the mix. Well, I guess they were wrong about that too! 61 points later, Lebron James had a franchise high and a career high at the end of the game. 61 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists was the final tally. I put together 3 notable scoring performances in NBA history. Michael Jordan’s OT 69 and Kobe Bryant’s 81 are represented.Let’s start with a breakdown by Coach Nick of fame, who does a really good job of breaking down the NBA game:

LeBron James Drops 61 Points On Bobcats: Irrational Domination

– Courtesy of BBALLBREAKDOWN YouTube channel

Usually when you get an assist output of 5 or less assist from Lebron James, you can expect a high output points game from him. 7 assists with 61 points is above average in this situation, because it means he still had time to pass off a few dimes to keep his team involved (with Wade out of the game to rest his joints).

The next video features Michael Jordan vs a Cleveland Cavaliers team that had a number of good old school defenders in the game. Ball dominance is what Jordan was known for, but in this video you will see Michael playing off the ball beautifully! Take a look:

Michael Jordan | 69 Points | Bulls vs. Cavaliers | Mar. 28 1990

– Courtesy of BullsClips YouTube channel

For all of Laker Nation and Kobe fanatics who called this a bigger accomplishment than Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game! So much happened before and after this game for the Los Angeles Lakers. I’ll give away one of the things that happened. Sam Mitchell was no longer a coach shortly after giving up the 2nd highest individual point total in NBA History! Let’s check it out:

Kobe Bryant 81 Points (Career-High) vs Toronto Raptors – Highlights 22/01/2006

– Courtesy of iKobeSilvan24 YouTube channel

The comparision of Kobe’s 81 and Michael’s 69 have a few similarities, but had several differences too. I’ll let you guys see the difference. Just so I can spare the rest of you listening to Laker Nation call me a hater. Don’t shoot the messenger:

Kobe Bryant’s 81 vs Michael Jordan’s 69

– Courtesy of BBALLBREAKDOWN YouTube channel

Here is a rare Sam Mitchell appearance and discussion on Kobe’s 81 point game vs his old team:

GameTime: Bryant’s 81 Points

– Courtesy of NBAGAMEACTION YouTube channel

The First Take panel ways in on the comparision debate, which is sometimes hard to watch since this show is mainly a “Flame Thrower” show:

LeBron’s 61 or Kobe’s 81-More Impressive?

– Courtesy of ESPN1stTake YouTube channel

Kobe Bryant Scores 81 | Story Time With Jalen Rose

– Courtesy of Grantland YouTube channel