Carling Muir: Battles on and off the court

Many of us in the local basketball community have been following Langara alumna Carling Muir’s battles on and off the court over the last decade.  Now her story is going national, in fact all the way to CBC’s “The National”.

Tonight, Carling shares her story in an effort to raise awareness on the importance of more research: “Brain tumours are the leading cancer that kills children under the age of 18 and when a cancer metastasizes it is most often the brain and becomes terminal.” 

Muir had a new type of surgery last month at the Vancouver General Hospital.  Dr. Toyota and a Colorado-based surgeon utilized the only machine in Canada that is capable of this new Neuroblate surgical technique.  It was the generous donation of a local family which helped to fund this new machine, so Carling hopes her story will inspire more donations so that research can continue to find less invasive and successful treatments for cancer patients.

Tune into “The National” or CBC on November 21, or view it here:

More information on the innovative Vero Machine:

How to donate to the BC Cancer Foundation:

Header Photo Credit: Langara College