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Boys Game of The Week: #4 "AA" King George vs #6 "AA" Britannia

On Wednesday night the King George Dragons faced off with the Britannia Bruins in a regular season 2A/3A cross division regular season game. Both teams held an undefeated regular season record as well as a provincial ranking. So it began, the #4 “AA” King George Dragons vs the #6 “AA” Britannia Bruins in the iconic Britannia gym.

King George won the opening tip, but the ball sailed out of bounds giving Britannia the first opportunity on offence. Britannia struck first as #22 Kobe McKnight was fouled shooting a “3”. He would knock down all three free throws for the first points of the game. #17 Boris Obradovic scored the first basket for the Dragons off of a nice baseline drive. Both teams settled into 2-3 zones forcing the offence to move the ball and play against a half court defence. #17 Boris Obradovic continued being aggressive, using his craftiness inside to get two more easy baskets on his way to a quick 6 points half way through the first. The King George defence was buzzing early, forcing a number of turnovers for the Bruins. Everything in the first quarter was going King George’s way, including a fortunate bounce off a blocked shot that popped right back into the hands of #13 Mohab Mundadi who laid the ball in to make the score 14-5 for KG. The score at the end of quarter number one was 14-6 for the visitors who kept the Bruins without a field goal for the entire quarter.

The Dragons opened the quarter with a deep “3” from #9 Nikola Guzina who looked like he was fouled as well, though there was the no call. #6 Seyoung Choi followed up with another “3” for the Dragons, forcing the Bruins to take a timeout. Fired up with their start, the King George team received a warning from the referees for “over-celebrating” just minutes into the second quarter. The Bruins turned it over on the first play out of the timeout, putting #13 Mohab Mundadi out in transition for two more. The King George players were working hard on the court but the players on the bench were arguably working harder with defence chants on every play and battle calls being led by fiery coach Darko Kulic. The first field goals for Britannia would come in a bunch on back-to-back-to-back plays from #25 Jalen Williams three minutes into the second but the score had ballooned to 32-13 for King George. Sensing a run, King George would call a timeout to gather themselves.  #25 Jalen Williams of the Bruins would go for one more basket inside and it was clear the quality of shots Britannia was getting had changed, with the Bruins finally being able to pass the ball into the zone creating good looks. #7 Lyle Wilson of Britannia got a nice euro-step in transition that cut the lead to 32-17. #11 Raz Gugasyan would stop the Bruins run, hitting a “3” just before the half ended for the Dragons. The score was 35-17 for King George at the half.

King George opened the half with a nice jumper from #6 Seyoung Choi, lay up by #13 Mohab Mundadi and a “3” by #6  Seyoung Choi for a quick 7-0 run. A few plays later an offensive rebound by Britannia guard, #0 Josh Kagande led to a kick out to #7 Lyle Wilson who hit a wide open “3” for the Bruins. King George would answer off of a nice pick ‘n roll with #6 Seyoung Choi hitting #17 Boris Obradovic on a nice roll to the hoop. As Britannia got stops, this allowed #0 to get out in transition beating the defence for an easy two. #11 KG would score another inside basket for the Dragons with a nice drop step and finish over the defender. With 3:03 to play the score was 47-26 for King George. #22 Kobe McKnight would get his first field of the game using a nice cross to beat the defender before laying it up on the right side. In the last minutes of the third quarter, King George was assessed a bench technical to some fans sitting behind the bench. Britannia would hit the free throw and get a layup on the next possession to cut the lead to 47-33 which was the score at the third quarter break.

Britannia missed their first attempt of the quarter, but got an offensive rebound that freed #22 Kobe McKnight for a wide open “3” to start the quarter. King George #9 Nikola Guzina hit a “3” of his own on the first King George possession. #2 Royce Lawson of the Bruins would hit a tough jumper over the outstretched arms of the defender to keep things interesting a few plays later. The level of intensity in the gym had clearly risen, if possible, in the fourth quarter with both team’s benches and fans getting loud to support their respective teams. After a few back and forth plays the Bruins turned the ball over which gave #13 Mohab Mundadi another free run for two points. On the next possession a put back by #17 Boris Obradovic forced Britannia into a timeout as the quick run had put the lead up to 56-38 with 6:01 remaining. Coming out of the timeout, Britannia was confused about their matchups, which left #17 Boris Obradovic wide open under their hoop for an unguarded two on his way to a game high, 26 points. #9 Marlon Edgar Apps Bruins was fouled on a three pointer and he knocked down two out of the three attempts to cut into the lead but it was still 21 points with 2:30 to play. With little time to play, some nice ball movement would free up #25 Jalen Williams of Britannia for an easy basket but the late Bruins run would be too late. Final score 64-48 for the King George Dragons.

The Dragons head to the Island today where they are competing in the Victoria Police Tournament. They play #9 “AA” Lambrick Park in their opening round game. Britannia gets to stay home as they host the Britannia Tournament starting today starting with a game against Moscrop.

*EDIT: The previous edit of this Game Story mistakenly had #7 Britannia identified as Quentin Chambers. #7 for Britannia is actually Lyle Wilson. The story has been updated as of 7:30pm on January 18th.