A Vancouver Basketball Diary: Tara Wallack Part 2

Now months into what should have been her Senior Season, we check-in again with Tara Wallack.
February 18, 2021

Hi and Welcome back! 

Right now I’m very fortunate to be training with my school basketball team during the week. Although, there are some restrictions we follow strictly. Initially, it was difficult to adapt to these restrictions but after a while now, my team and I have learned how to train in a new way. As well, it makes us pay more attention to the small details such as footwork and different finishes. Not to mention but we do a lot of shooting which I believe has given me the confidence to take some shots I wouldn’t normally have taken last year.

As well, I’m very lucky to train on the weekends at LEC with TAS- HPT where carded athletes can train safely. I’m extremely happy to be training with some of the top girl athletes in BC for basketball! Also, since we are high performance athletes we are allowed to scrimmage and compete against each other. This training has enabled me to incorporate what I’ve learned with my school basketball team and use it while I play at TAS. So far we have been playing three on three and four on four which has been a lot of fun. I missed competing and scrimmaging, so TAS has really been awesome! 

Moving forward there is a possibility of a March tryout for the Junior National team that I will be training for. As well as, training to be ready to go to Washington State in the summer. I think it is important during this time to look ahead and not what could’ve been so I’m excited for what the future has in store for me and excited to train some more. Additionally during Covid I’ve been really focusing on my own skills and developing them into better and stronger skills. Such as, incorporating ball handling into my workouts, lots of shots at game realistic speed and ensuring my conditioning stays high.

Lastly, I’ve really been trying to hit the weight room lots during Covid and become stronger. In fact, for my capstone project (an assignment every student needs to complete in order to graduate) I created an instagram account to document my progress and improvements. I felt after documenting it and writing it down really helped me stay motivated and allowed me to improve next time I was in the weight room. As well, it allowed me to focus on my form and adjust if needed to. 

With this being said that is everything new with me. Thanks for letting me share and if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask!

-Tara Wallack