A Vancouver Basketball Diary: Cam Slaymaker Part 2

Checking-in with Cam in his second instalment of his Senior Diary
February 8, 2021

Vancouver, British Columbia

Welcome back to my journal and another entry. Life has been crazy and there’s been a lot of ups and downs. Covid is making this year challenging for everyone but I have been continuing to make the most of it as everyone is trying to do.

I have been back home in BC since Christmas, and I am officially heading back to Ontario on February 15th. It has been great being home with my family for this time, however I’m excited to get back out east and see my teammates, and start playing again. I was originally flying home on January 1st but with Ontario’s recent lockdown procedures I have been here.

Since I have been back, I’ve been able to get into a basketball gym and use our little weight room in the basement everyday. I feel very lucky to have had access to this as my teammates in Ontario have been in a full lockdown for over a month now. Also, our mild weather here helps compared to the -15 and snowing they’ve had in London. I sometimes missed the empty gym and long hours just shooting with myself or my dad while I was in Ontario, so it has been nice to get back to that being home. Other than workouts I have been busy keeping up with all my school work online and through virtual classes.

A lot of people ask how it is living away from home, and for me it has been a great experience thanks to the great family and program I’m playing with. You learn a lot a lot about yourself and other life lessons. You have to be on top of school work and basketball as well as other stuff around the house. It is definitely hard leaving your family and old friends but with technology now it makes it much easier to stay connected. Getting to live in another city and meet so many people through basketball is a really unique experience. Covid has made this harder this year with limited in-school learning and no fans at games but our team has become a family in itself. As a team we all work really hard to keep our contacts low and try to keep everyone safe.

I live with my coach’s family and another player from Tanzania in Africa. My teammate came to London from a small town in Tanzania and is now one of the top ranked players in Canada. It has been really interesting learning about the different culture and way of living from him, as well as adjusting to life in Canada. We are so lucky to live here in Canada and sometimes we forget it. We have players on our team from all different cities and countries and it is always cool to learn about new places. Everyone out east is blown away by the mountains and landscape we have here in BC. I never realized how nice Vancouver is until I came back from London.  

Like everyone, this year is certainly not what I imagined my senior year and season looking like. It is hard not being able to play a normal season and the constant uncertainty of when the next game may come. Times like these make you even more grateful for the games and the cliché “play every game like its your last” is a real possibility. It is definitely hard at times and sometimes you wonder if this will ever end, but there has to be a light at the end of tunnel. For now, I’m just going to continue to keep working and keep rolling with the punches, and hopefully life gets back to normal as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading again, and hopefully next time there will be more exciting news and updates on the basketball side of things. Tough times don’t last but tough people do, and now more than ever it is important to keep your head up and keep working.

Till next time