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60 athletes play in the inaugural Underclassmen All-Star games

Douglas College - On Sunday afternoon the inaugural Underclassmen All-Star games took place hosted by Douglas College. 60 of the top Grade 8, 9, and 10 athletes from around the province gathered for the new addition to All-Star weekend, the day following the Senior Boys All-Star games. All teams were given the chance to practice together on the Douglas College floor the night prior to ensure athletes could adjust to the full size floor and their new teammates.


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Grade 8

The first game of the afternoon featured the high school newcomers who played in a fast paced, high scoring game. By the third quarter the Home Team had built a solid 12 point lead. However, in the final minutes of the third the Away Team would come back and take the lead, but the Home Team would end the game on a huge run resulting in a 64-45 victory.



Leading Scorers:

Home Team:

Flynn Merideth Black (Sir Charles Tupper) - 16 Points

Allan Landasan- 11 Points

Jack Fergesson (Vancouver College) - 9 Points


Away Team:

Kevin Kao (Walnut Grove) - 15 Points

Marco Esteban (A.R. MacNeill) - 9 Points

Kabie Buttal (McMath) - 5 Points



All Players:

Allan Landasan

Bobby Mabeny

Cole Cruz-Dumont

Connor Maclean

Dylan Senft

Eli Smith

Elliot Seidal

Felip Subotic

Flynn Merideth Black

Jack Fergesson

Jayden Lee

Kabie Buttal

Kevin Kao

Karun Aujla

Marco Esteban

Max Gadashev

Trevor Dufin

Tiny John

Rav Randhawa

Ryder Clark

Vince Zeng

Jimmy Zaborniak

Joshua Limbadab


Grade 9

The second game of the afternoon was arguably the best as the teams played an evenly matched game from start to finish. The two teams would combine for 15 β€œ3’s” for the game resulting in a high scoring affair. In the end, the Away Team pulled out the win by a score of 73-66.



Leading Scorers:

Away Team:

Jackson Thackwray (A.R. MacNeill) - 21 Points

Nick Chan (Sir Winston Churchill) - 10 Points

Luke Tobias (Sir Charles Tupper)- 8 Points


Home Team:

Travis Hamberger (McMath) - 21 Points

Cam Slaymaker (Terry Fox) - 18 Points

Rhys Maestre (Sir Charles Tupper) - 11 Points



All Players:

Anthony Palomino

Avnoor Bhullar

Brandt Lenz

Cam Slaymaker

Eli Van Haren

Jacob Kramer

Jacob Holt

Jackson Thackwray

Jareb Pineda

Jayden Bains

Jordan Gazzola

Justin Sunga

Luke Tobias

Luc Dixon

Michael Kitka

Nick Chan

Nick Cheung

Oliver Munt

Oliver Seto

Rhys Maestre

Tajin Rai

Thomas Olsen

Travis Hamberger

Zyken San Felipe


Grade 10

No different than the first two games, the Grade 10 All-Star game was packed with talent, however the teams had a much different dynamic. For starters, this would be the first time a number of the athletes would compete against other players their age having spent their Junior year playing up with the Senior teams. Additionally, a trio of St. George’s athletes, and a pair from both Holy Cross and Lord Tweedsmuir were split up - going from teammates to foes which brought an intense level of competition to the game. The game was close for three quarters but the Away Team would use a large fourth quarter to defeat their All-Star competitors 81-65.



Leading Scorers:

Away Team:

Hunter Simpson (Kelowna) - 18 Points

Brent Padilla (Holy Cross) - 11 Points

Jaxon Cohee (St. George’s) - 10 Points

Hunter Cruz-Dumont (Vancouver College) - 10 Points


Home Team:

Ao Ma (St. George’s) - 13 Points

Jackson Corneil (Lord Tweedsmuir) - 11 Points

Emir Krupic (B.C. Christian Prep)- 11 Points




Ao Ma

Brent Padilla

Callum Chow-White

Domenic Parolin

Dylan Anderson

Emir Krupic

George Horn

Hunter Cruz-Dumont

Hunter Simpson

Isaiah Ondrik

Jackson Corneil

Jayden Reid

Jaxon Cohee

Matt Pineda

Matthew Dunkerley

Marcus Modrovic

Paul Didenko

Sam Wooder

Sasha Vujisic

Uyi Ologhola

Victor Radocaj

Zack Smith